About Obi James

When I left my successful career in Financial Services to set up OBJ Coaching, the central question on my mind was:

How can I help develop more collaborative leaders and help shape organisations to be more human?

I was sure of one thing. I loved people and thrived most in my people development roles. My relationships were important to me, and my experiences had taught me that people are defined by the relationships they have:

  • at home
  • with colleagues
  • with leaders, and
  • with the organisations they work for.

With this in mind, I studied to become a Leadership And Team Development Coach, with an added focus on workplace relationships.

So, how did I get to people development in the first place?

I was born in Germany and grew up in Nigeria and Finland. I moved to London about 20 years ago to study Physiology. At University College London (UCL), I fell in love with psychology and neuroscience.

I went on to spend over a decade working in various people development roles, and leading various change programmes for large multinational corporations, mostly in financial services.

In developing managers, I learned that a person’s success at work is hugely influenced by:

  • their leaders
  • their relationships in the workplace
  • the dynamics of the teams they belong to, and
  • the culture of the organisation they work for.

So, I got curious:

How could I help leaders get the most out of their people?

I already knew that the solution wasn’t the traditional team-building activities and management training programmes. More was needed.

My quest for more led to a bold move. I quit my corporate job, re-trained as an Organisational and Relationship Systems Coach and set up OBJ Coaching.

Years later, I am still deeply fascinated by how motivation, human behaviour and group dynamics drive performance in the workplace.

I’m most happy knowing that I’m truly making a difference or, when I’m spending time with my lovely daughters in our London home.

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Obi James

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