Team Effectiveness

Are your teams more powerful together, or are they made up of individuals that often pull in different directions?

Our experiences have taught us that the relationships between team members and the team culture – ‘how things are done around here’ influence the engagement and productivity of the team.OBJ_Icons-01

Forward looking teams recognise the importance of consciously and intentionally shaping the culture of their team – rather than allow the culture to just emerge.

Regardless, even the best-intentioned teams can get tripped up by the pressure to do more with less, by unhealthy competition and conflict. The question is:

How can you create and sustain a culture that has the right balance between productivity and positivity?

We believe the answer lies in developing your team’s collective intelligence.

Every team member holds information that can help move your team to a new level of awareness, and unleash new possibilities.

Unlike traditional team-building solutions, our highly inclusive, team coaching approach means we engage your entire team from the very start, and beyond our intervention stage – so that you collectively take ownership for achieving and sustaining your desired results.

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“Managing a large team of many different personalities brings a multitude of challenges and in particular communication is always on top of our agenda. Obi and her team have been instrumental in opening up discussion and self-awareness in my team. ”
– Andrea, Director, Investment Banking 2015
“I worked with Obi on a recent team building offsite. She was a pleasure to work with and was able to adapt quickly to any changes we required. She is knowledgeable and was able to hold the groups attention well and she helped make the event an enjoyable learning experience.”
– Michelle, HR Director, The Permal Group 2015
“Obi and her associate did more than strengthen our collaboration. We walked away with a clear sense of purpose, enhanced creativity, excellent ideas generated by us, a better understanding of our team dynamics and a collectively-designed agreement on how we would support one another whilst staying fully committed to our team goals.”
– Niina, Deputy Chief Pharmacist, NHS, 2014

Let Obi help you get the most out of your people.