Workplace Relationship Coaching

Our workplace relationships can be some of the most important ones we have in our day-to-day life.

Most people spend a significant amount of time in their workplace and as in most relationships, conflict creeps in. As certified Relationship Coaches and Mediators, we normalise conflict.

We believe that underneath conflict lies significant wisdom, creativity and innovation, that often remains untapped.

What if you could disagree constructively – without the fear of damaging your relationship or creating ‘an atmosphere’?

Our mediation and relationship coaching programmes are designed to nurture relationships. They are tailored to your relationship needs and can be helpful when:


  • A work relationship (peer to peer, or employee to line manager) is breaking or has broken down.
  • Co-leaders or business partners cannot align on vision and/or strategy.
  • Team members are in conflict with each other.
  • A “personality clash” is impacting engagement and productivity.
  • Individuals cannot move beyond difficult conversations.

Our focus is less on who wins or who gets what, but on what does your relationship need. What is wanting to happen?


“We are much happier now in our relationship and always remember the great coaching that Obi gave us. Ultimately, we have learnt to recognise and deal with distractions that would previously have negatively impacted our relationship. We highly recommend Obi’s coaching to any partnership dealing with any changes or conflict.”

– Relationship Coaching Clients, 2015

“She helped us to discuss our different patterns of thought, become more conscious of our different ways of understanding the world and create spaces for imagining the future together.” We found Obi’s practical and imaginative approach challenging and refreshing. We left every session feeling more connected and ready to take on our challenges together.  A year on, we’re still using the negotiation tools Obi gave us.”

– Relationship Coaching Clients, 2015

Let Obi to help strengthen your workplace relationships.