Working with Obi over the last year has helped me to overcome my inner blockages and find the strength within me that I had somehow forgotten I had. She showed me that I have all that it takes to reach my dreams and goals, that at times we forget how to use our skill set and natural strengths and as a result, our ability to take control. Our modern world is spinning faster by the minute and as a person with rather high expectations on life I started to be my worst enemy and judge. Professionally as well as personally, this meant I was stalling. Rather than embracing and celebrating my talents and achievements, I focused on the things I had not yet mastered and let these thoughts mutate into multiple saboteurs, which put their ugly head out whenever I was doubting myself. 

Obi is incredibly resourceful, personable, determined and passionate about her work, never short of amazing inspiration. After my coaching sessions with Obi I generally felt ten feet taller, carrying a well structured tool box, allowing me to tackle my saboteurs and manoeuvre around those little humps and bumps that life tends to throw at us. At times it was hard to face the ugly truth but it was necessary to address my vulnerability and break my fears into little digestible pieces. A year later, I feel like a different person. I learnt to turn my insecurities into strengths and am now going about my career and personal life with much more positivity and a measured balance, as if I had stepped through a mirror and simply looked at myself from the opposite angle. Obi has an amazing skill to change a person’s perspective and eliminate hesitation, negativity and self doubt and replace it with inspiration, confidence and decisiveness.”

– Melanie, Investment Banking, Feb 2016

Prior to contacting Obi, I knew my CV needed updating but not having seen other CVs for comparison, I had no idea just how much work was to be done. There is a dramatic difference in my CV now. They are quite separate documents. My first version was not going to get me far, or into the process at all.  It is clear that Obi has a depth and breadth of recruitment experience. She appreciates the larger picture, while working on the wording of the smallest sentence. 

While I was initially motivated and keen to get on with exploring opportunities, I was a little at sea about how to go about it. Now I have a competitive CV and an understanding how of LinkedIn might be used, I feel much more prepared. I would recommend Obi without hesitation and already have. She can adapt to anyone’s needs wherever they are in their career.”

– Richard, Insurance Sector, July 2015

Managing a large team of many different personalities brings a multitude of challenges and in particular communication is always on top of our agenda. Obi and her team have been instrumental in opening up discussion and self-awareness in my team. Her approach enables each participant to be an active part in the training. Whilst this might have been an unusual experience for many in my team it was just what was needed and Obi put everybody at ease. Even during a short period of time within the session it was clear to see the difference this made, quieter team members became much more engaged and more prominent team members took notice of what others had to contribute. The whole team left on a high and built on this success since then. I would certainly use OBJ Coaching again.”

– Andrea, Director, Banking & FS Company, July 2015

Obi’s coaching has equipped me with tools which I continue to use, daily, in planning and working towards my goals in both my business and my personal life. I highly recommend Obi as she has a very personable manner, truly cares about her clients and is a very good listener. She was very skilled in identifying blocks I had and helping me overcome them through reflection, role-play and other methods. I now believe that for a person to reach their potential, coaching is a must and the empathetic style Obi applies meant that being coached was a pleasure, even at the times when the reflection and coaching was tough. Thank you Obi and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

– Stephanie A, Head of Tax, Burberry, March 2015

I contacted Obi  because I was experiencing on-going stress and anxiety which was impacting my confidence at work. I had reservations about the commitment and length of the time Obi suggested we would need together to make progress. I had spoken with other coaches who had suggested a shorter period and was drawn to the idea of a quick fix. I can happily say that it was a massive benefit to have Obi’s support and experience over a period of six months and that this length of time allowed me to work through a number of challenges I was having in my work and personal life.

Obi has helped me see my work from a new perspective; I am happier and more confident than when we began. She has equipped me with tools that will help me with the challenges that come with my career. I found Obi to be compassionate, knowledgeable and inspiring. I could talk through any issues I was having and she would work with me to find a solution. I feel I have a greater understanding of who I am as a result of my work with Obi. She helped me see strengths in my personality and how I could build better relationships with clients.

I had my first child with my partner towards the end of our work together and she was able to help come to terms with impending fatherhood, not something originally in the brief!

I would recommend Obi to anyone who needs to see their life from a new perspective. She can give guidance and practical advice, helping you understand where you want to go and how to get there.

– Steve J, Career Coaching Client, January 2015

I worked with Obi on a recent team building offsite. She was a pleasure to work with and was able to adapt quickly to any changes we required. She is knowledgeable and was able to hold the groups attention well and she helped make the event an enjoyable learning experience. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

– Michelle P, SVP, Director of Human Resources, The Permal Group, January 2015

After 15 years in Financial Services, I took a 6 year career break to look after my daughter. When I met Obi, I was feeling lost as to what I should be doing with my life. I did not know how to start sorting my thoughts out, and how to cope with my lack of self-confidence and the negative thoughts that were stopping me in my tracks. I had never tried coaching before and in my negative state of mind was not at all sure how it could help me, but I can truly say that booking that first appointment to see Obi was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

6 months on, I now have a clear vision of what I should be doing both professionally and personally, how to achieve it and how I want to live my life going forward.  I have gained many useful strategies to cope with negative thoughts, how to plan and execute change and have achieved many things outside of my normal comfort zone. The future looks good and I have a much more positive outlook on life. Obi is a wonderful, sympathetic listener and great at turning the negative into positive. She has helped me to see my unique strengths and abilities, and how to use them going forward. Talking to Obi and carrying out visualisation exercises has given me a new confidence and focus that I have never had before in my life.

I would highly recommend seeing Obi to anyone that is struggling with where their life is going or how to achieve their goals. She gives you a positive, fresh outlook on life, helps you to find out what it is you want to achieve and gives you the tools to be able to make it happen.

I can’t thank Obi enough for the help she has given me. I never imagined before I met her that I could feel so positive about life and actually know what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it.

– Emma, Small Business Owner, January 2015

We decided to bring Obi in to help our team to prepare for some imminent changes after hearing about her ability to enhance team collaboration during times of change. We needed help to create a better way of supporting one another particularly as the planned changes would require doing more with less. Obi and her associate did more than strengthen our collaboration. We walked away with a clear sense of purpose, enhanced creativity, excellent ideas generated by us, a better understanding of our team dynamics and a collectively-designed agreement on how we would support one another whilst staying fully committed to our team goals. Their coaching approach coupled with their remarkable intuition and energy created a safe space for all participants, and the coaches did a great job of working with emerging themes throughout the session. I highly recommend OBJ Coaching to any team going through change.

– Deputy Chief Pharmacist, National Health Service (NHS) October 2014

If you need a good coach to help provide you with mind-searching thinking that can provoke the best of you, then Obi is your person. The very first session with her is still reverberating in my day to day activities today.

– T. Davies,  Co-Founder & President of African Business Angels Network (ABAN),  September 2014

I started working with Obi following promotion to my current role which required more active participation and contribution to senior management meetings. Over our six-month engagement, I gained a better awareness of my natural strengths and how to bring them forth in my work. I was also able to identify and tackle some limiting beliefs that were having an impact on my confidence levels and my management style. As a result of our work together, I have become more confident, better at delegating to and empowering my team members. I have also taken active steps towards achieving a better work-life balance and have a clear plan of action for the future.  I would recommend Obi’s services to other managers and if needed, will return for further coaching.

– Janice G, Head of Practice Development, SENSE, April 2014

I hired Obi to facilitate a half-day team-building workshop for my newly expanded team. The session was engaging, enlightening and well worth the hours spent out of the office focusing on team dynamics and what we stand for. As facilitators, Obi was engaging and dynamic with a great conversational style of facilitating which doesn’t make participants feel like they’re being coached or trained. She clearly has a solid understanding of the Investment Banking business which lends itself to a level of awareness of the challenges and culture, and ultimately results in solutions that are fit-for-purpose.

– Senior Vice President, Leading Investment Bank (London), January 2014

Obi has helped me to gain a different perspective and change my outlook on an issue I was facing. Within the first few weeks of engaging Obi’s services, I was already clearer on what I needed to do and change in order to get my desired outcome. She has helped me find solutions rather than just giving me the answers. Ultimately Obi’s coaching has helped me reflect on what I want to achieve and how to get there. She is motivating, focused and above all, a great listener. Thank you so much!

– Anna S, Vice President, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, March 2013

Obi worked as a true partner to my team at NT. Both in her role as L&D business partner and later as L&D program manager, she proactively identified development programs for my team, focusing on key team dynamics and was always responsive to input and ideas.

–  Nick W, Managing Director, Barclays, February 2014

Having my first coaching session with Obi was like a breath of fresh air. I did not realise how stuck I felt until Obi began to explore the deeper layers of what I was wanting and  feeling and how the two of them were quite conflicting. It was really eye opening, she managed to do this in a way that was not intimidating and felt very natural which is a very unique skill set, of which she excels. I would recommend her services to anyone who has an aim of what they want but feels lost on the road of how to get there. Perfect help and guidance for start-up mumpreneurs like me!

– Lizzie B, Entrepreneur, June 2014

I first sought Obi’s help when I reached a crossroad with my career and needed advice on how to take it forward. She helped me prioritise what was important to me in a career. Thanks to her experience in recruitment she was also fantastic re-focusing my CV. I got a new job really soon after our consultation so I highly recommend her!

– Hong-Tin Lau, Junior Business Analyst at Universal Music Group International, May 2014

I engaged Obi’s coaching services as I was determined to start my coaching business (having failed to get it off the ground 7 years ago). Obi’s questioning technique was free flowing and created a deep self-awareness.  The work we have done together has helped me to crystallize things in my mind and given me the courage and the feeling of progress which I will move forward with. I found the sessions challenging and benefited from being challenged. As a direct result of our coaching, I have worked on my marketing materials and already have a paying client. I am feeling more comfortable speaking to potential clients about my coaching business and I am putting less pressure on myself to achieving everything all at once, taking everything a step at a time. I particularly found Obi’s knowledge from the neuroscience point of view very useful as this is an area of interest to me and her mentoring on launching my coaching practice was also well received. Thank you for being patience with me! I would refer others to Obi for coaching. Our time together has been short and it is very likely that I will contact Obi in the future for further sessions, when required.

– K.Robinson, Part-time Coach and Business Development Manager, Property Industry, May 2014

Obi is a talented and amazing individual who not only has great insight, but also a huge amount of empathy. Working with Obi, I have had revelation after revelation. Her coaching has not only been impactful, I would go as far as to say it has been life changing. In a short period of time she has managed to motivate and inspire me and helped me to focus on my goals, believe in my abilities and weed out the distractions. Should you require a Life/Career Coach I would recommend Obi James in a heartbeat. THANK YOU Obi!

– Shamayah, Founder of Training Consultancy, EnLiven Global , February 2014

Obi was recommended to me by a fellow business owner, when I was looking for key speakers for a Women in Business Networking event. I invited her to give a motivational talk in one of our ten minutes slots.  Feedback from her talk was all extremely positive, she’s incredibly motivational and has a lot of energy which really comes across in her talk. Many of our attendees said they would definitely book a one to one session with Obi.  Following the success of the first event, I invited her to design, facilitate and lead the next event.  As expected she had great energy and really understood the audience which really brought the group together. She had arranged some great networking activities which really got the group talking and connecting. I would recommend Obi’s services to anyone!

– Stacie M, Business Owner, June 2013

Obi has always impressed me with her ability to connect with people at all levels. She has a genuine interest in helping others see the possibilities open to them. She has the ability to challenge you in a positive way to unlock your true potential. She is an excellent coach and mentor who balances professionalism with a great sense of fun.

-Lin H, Management Development Consultant, Northern Trust, October 2013<

I have very much enjoyed working with Obi. She has been instrumental in helping me balance and clarify my intentions for 2013. After a couple of sessions, I was already clearer on critical business confusions/choices threatening to derail a charitable New Year project. I’m delighted that, with Obi’s support, the same project is back-on-track and shaping up beautifully. Obi has given me some lovely experiential insight into a coaching tool I had not previously encountered and her ability to choose areas for further exploration by the client [via homework] is simply stunning. Working through her homework assignments was a revelational experience in of itself, making me realise that I was leaving a major creative skill (and business advantage) ‘under-the-counter’ so to speak; almost completely taken for granted and untapped. Naughty me! I’ve since invested in Scrivener, the renowned writer’s software for Mac, and joined a London writer’s meet-up group:)

Working with such a genuine Coach is a delight. I’ll be counting the positive consequences for some time to come. The latest happened just 2 days ago in the form of a blockbuster ‘coincidence’. A keyword I’ve become newly sensitised to (because of Obi’s homework) grabbed my attention in an email I was deleting. In following it up I’ve struck gold. Game-changing, life affirming, inspiration-giving gold. I think it’s fair to say that I’m a very happy bunny and recognise that the ‘here’ I’m currently enjoying so much, is because of Obi’s contribution. I deeply encourage you to talk yourself into working with Obi as soon as possible (nudge). Oh look… A great reason to connect with her is appearing in your mind right about… now.  Listen. It arrived quietly.

-Aaryn D, Business Consultant, February 2013

Obi James is far more than a Career Coach. She is an exquisite life guide and breakthrough facilitator. If you wish to live in a meaningful space with tools to continually grow, I cannot recommend Obi highly enough.

-Lee G, Entrepreneur, Business Owner & Philanthropist, August 2013

I engaged Obi’s services because I needed guidance with the direction and focus of my business. We looked at my focus and at challenges that prevented me from moving forward.  The coaching process with Obi has helped me identify my challenges and has given me tools to help deal with them, particularly on occasions when I feel isolated and disconnected. What I enjoyed most about our sessions was the time being mine to discuss any issues and the opportunity to look at the dynamics of how I think / feel / act / manage my business. Obi brought with her an experience of different business models and the understanding of working with the self rather than simply the business. I now recognise that I can approach business relationships differently and that it is important to acknowledge and celebrate my own successes.  I would recommend Obi’s services to anybody in the early stages of a new business or even in the longer stages where direction and focus may have become difficult or hazy.

-Nicky C, Entrepreneur & Business Owner, September 2013

Obi James is a powerful, positive and witty HR specialist who has the ability to grip you with her story within seconds. She has achieved a great deal in a short space of time, thus others being inspired by her journey. As a senior level working mother she has demonstrated that with self belief and balance; it is possible.

Obi is also an Executive coach who has a track record for bringing out the best in her clients. She has rapidly grown her business via recommendations and continues to grow. If you are seeking a coach, mentor or speaker; then you will not be disappointed.

-Sonia M, Inspirational YOU, October 2013

I had never tried coaching before, but after I was made redundant the opportunity for a session with Obi came up and I decided to give it a go as I was feeling a bit lost. I liked Obi from the start – she is a hugely positive and enthusiastic person who genuinely wants to see me do well. She has encouraged me to face up to and deal with various issues in my life and to follow through on vague ideas that I was procrastinating about. I always leave her sessions feeling fired up and with a plan of action for the next few weeks. I would wholeheartedly recommend Obi to anyone who is feeling stuck in any aspect of their life.

– Jenny W, Editor, April 2013